Bernice's Journey

Altruism-Portrayed and Betrayed

The deception is horrible. Those that are in the state of shock and are completely trusting of the physician and staff to preserve, protect and prolong the life of their loved one is defiled. A physician - one who heals - does everything to protect and prolong the life of their patient - don't they? In the event of an emergency and trauma, when the life of a loved one hangs in the balance, what choice does the family of the injured loved one have?...Read More


Losing a child is traumatic. There are no human words to adequately define the heartbreak. For the donor family to learn of the truth after the death of their child complicates and increases their suffering, grief and pain. Added are feelings of regret, guilt and remorse. The dark underling feelings surface for most, if not all, shortly after the death of their child as the truth of their loved one's experience as the organ donor is revealed. The spiritual aspects are overwhelmingly obvious...Read More

The Enchantment

Many articles pertaining to the "Living Will" and euthanasia exemplify the power of the spoken and written word. Most are written to appease those in which propagate death and therefore, the reader is lured to not only accept death, also strive to achieve death. This propaganda success of the popularization of death and what has transpired over the last sixty eight years to erode our morals and values to protect life, upholding the human person as sacred are not disclosed. Furthered are the masses enticed to seek death as an acceptable means as a cure and being seduced to relinquish the value of their life in adopting an attitude of hopelessness and permitting their life to be taken-a will to kill!...Read More