Mother's Stories

Renate Greinert's Story

The doctors left us in no doubt that Christian was severely hurt and there was little hope of his survival. Nevertheless I still hoped that his life was being saved by a miracle. Christian didn't seem to be badly hurt, there were just a cut at his lip, a grazed cheekbone and another graze on his forehead. His wounds weren't covered and had stopped bleeding...Read More

Renate Focke's Story

It was in 1997, when we got the bad news that our son Arnd had had an accident. It took my husband and me six endless hours to get to the hospital where he was in an intensive care unit. His head was bandaged after an operation, he was breathing with the help of a respirator and was attached to monitors and other technical devices. He was in an artificial coma. ...Read More


Gisela Meyer's Story

I didn't know that. Organ donation I thought is good because it helps others. And of course the person is dead when his organs are taken. The donor card says, "after my death". I would never have believed before that doctors keep a dying patient with a damaged brain alive by applying extreme medical treatment in order to remove the vital organs...Read More