The Enchantment

Since the state imposed , Nazi style murder of Terry Shiavo , there have been many articles written pertaining to euthanasia and the recent popularization of the " Living Will . "

Many articles pertaining to the "Living Will" and euthanasia exemplify the power of the spoken and written word.  Most are written to appease those in which propagate death and therefore, the reader is lured to not only accept death, also strive to achieve death.  This propaganda success of the popularization of death and what has transpired over the last sixty eight years to erode our morals and values to protect life, upholding the human person as sacred are not disclosed.  Furthered are the masses enticed to seek death as an acceptable means as a cure and being seduced to relinquish the value of their life in adopting an attitude of hopelessness and permitting their life to be taken-a will to kill !

It takes only a word or two, a tweak here and there, to articulate and assimilate a deadly message construed as good.

A full understanding of our country's road to decadence is needed.

 The Physician Defined

The Oath of Hippocrates was established 2400 years ago.  It is a time honored vow taken by physicians "to do no harm" to their patient, protect life, maintain confidentiality between patient and physician and uphold moral and ethical standards in which are taught, instilled and passed on to the next generation. The art of healing-applying sound science to anatomy-was sought. 

Prior to this time, only the shaman existed. The shaman was one in which had been given all authority over life and death. The shaman was both the healer and the one who cured -"imposed death." The shaman would administer potions to heal and when deemed necessary, would administer potions and instruments to kill. It was euthanasia, a Greek word meaning a "happy death," in which the shaman sought. This concept of euthanasia- "good death" - is by no means a new phenomenon!

The Oath of Hippocrates was in direct opposition to the shaman and the ancient, dark occult practices and teachings. A clear, defining boundary had been drawn in the Oath of Hippocrates, a line in which was not to be crossed. The physician-one who heals- does no harm to the patient. The physician does not kill. The physician has nothing to do with death.

As mentioned above, pursuing a cure-death-is of an ancient occult. Despite what has been propagated our modern medical and scientific technology has not been the source of our current "culture of death." It is, rather, a return to ancient occult practices in which has so adversely affected every aspect of our society. Many physicians today have reverted to these ancient occult practices in assuming the role of both the healer and one in which seeks a cure-death.

After 2400 years, the distinction between the shaman and physician remains intact.  Few laymen, however, have any knowledge of such and therefore, it has made possible the many fallacies propagated to be accepted as fact.  It is not what people have been taught to believe in which has created the havoc and our "culture of death ," it is the lack of knowledge in which evil has prevailed. Ignorance kills.  We have become a society of fools-those without the knowledge of our God.

A Reasonable Means to End a "Life Unworthy of Life."

Using verbiage to blame the advancements of medical and scientific technology having the capabilities to extend life to individuals who are said would have "died anyway" prior to such innovations has been proven to be quite successful. This oxymoron is ludicrous, yet is a most advantageous tool for those in which campaign to expedite death.

To say the patient would have died in prior years without intravenous nutrition and hydration, medication, the aid of a ventilator and any other form of medical therapies to sustain life is absurd!    We have the best physicians in the world and medical and scientific advancements in which far surpass all other nations. We have at our disposal the means in which to sustain life-allow precious time-to aid life, seek medical therapies and extend science in the development of new ways and means of healing.  Yet, due to "cost based", "outcome based" medical insurance limitations on providing care, the issue is no longer the sustaining of life, rather, mere economics.  To kill is economically advantageous. Medicine and science has been greatly stifled due to this deadly mentality.

The preservation and the sustaining of life has been twisted and construed as merely prolonging the lives of those not considered "useful" contributors of society. Of course, preserving the lives of such deemed "unworthy" is to equate the " prolonging of suffering" in many cases and death considered a "merciful"  end.  This is outrageous!  There are available pain therapies as well.

Common sense, human compassion, morals and values have no role whatsoever in the formulation and execution of the many medical "codes" in which mandate and dictate therapeutic services.  Money is the only indicator of what the patient will receive in the form of care.

It has been successfully propagated the preserving and protecting of the life of individuals who have an illness, disease or injury and are in need of time, treatment and every life sustaining medical and scientific measure in an attempt to heal are considered "futile" and should not be sought!  Propagated it is an efficient speedy death to end the lives of such individuals in need, redefining the person.

Death as the reasonable, merciful, humane means to end such a miserable , useless life has succeeded ethical, moral and traditional medical standards!  Death is propagated as a cure- as an antidote to life as though life were the enemy!  Many means in which to extend life in an attempt to treat and heal have been deemed unnecessary. Twisted are the words used to "steal, kill and destroy" the human person.

The shaman lives.

The Distinction of Death Blurred?

The event of death is just that- an event, not a process .

Death is instantaneous, a time when all of the physical attributes of life no longer exist.  Death is the absence of respiration, heart beat and circulation-no vital signs-the person reaches a physical end to life.  At this point-death-there is no hope for the continuation of life as there is no life in the person. The layman, out of shear ignorance, is being led to believe the physical and/or mental condition of an individual may be assumed equivalent to death-"as good as dead," lacking the qualities of life in which they are to be valued in an attempt to assess "personhood."

Is the exact moment of death "blurred" and undetectable?  The truth is, other than to pronounce one dead when alive, the exact moment of death has not be necessary.

For many centuries the exact time of death-the death of every living cell throughout the body was not an issue.  Called " traditional death," death was pronounced only after the patient discontinued respiration (breathing), had no heart beat and blood circulation (blood pressure/pulse).  After ten minutes in the absence of such vital signs , the patient would be declared dead.  The skin of the dead turns pasty white- without color or blanching. The dead quickly become cold and stiff. In a very short time, the dead body produces an odor- a most vile stench.

The medical technology in which we possess aids in detecting life! The amount of oxygen in the blood stream as well as all other life sustaining blood components can be measured!  Heart rate and pulse can now be visualized via a monitor as well as the physical, conventional methods of taking the pulse, placing a stethoscope on the chest and numerous other physically detectable means! The Ultra sound, CAT SCAN and MRI allows us to pear inside the person and witness life!  Life can be seen, evidenced and validated!

The ability of attaining and validating the physical existence and evidence of life and death is not the issue.  The issue is the fact there are those in the medical field in pursuit of death in which deny all the physical vital signs of life in which exist within the living person and suffer no legal consequence in doing so!

The physician, one who heals, recognizes life and cherishes it.  The physician doesn't have a 'blurred' vision and is not confused with the issues of life and death.  The physician recognizes only the "traditional death" to this day and is unmoved by mandated laws or societal inclinations to expand upon the parameters of death to fulfill any means in which are "imposed" to pronounce the living person dead, while in fact, alive.

The physician will not compromise life.  End of subject.

The Value of Life

Where there is life, there is hope.

Life of the person is treasured by the physician-one who heals. The life of the person is valued.  The condition of the person, whether it is physical or mental limitations, age or social status, is not the measure of worth in which the physician bases value.  It is the existence of life itself in which merits value, the living person and is esteemed by the physician.  The physician-one who heals-values the living person and thereby, makes no assessment of worthiness whatsoever. 

Medical Martial Law?

The Living Will, a medical directive, gives all authority to the physician rendering medical services to the patient the authority to choose what the physician deems appropriate medical care in the event the patient is unable to speak for ones self. This medical directive requires a physician to initiate and execute either the therapy to extend life or to take life.  Without the direct involvement of the physician, the Living Will is a worthless piece of paper.  The word execute is key to the principles set forth in the Living Will.  If the physician presumes the authority over life and death and then takes the initiative to speed or hasten death, taking any measure to achieve death by any means, the physician becomes an executioner !

The philosophy in which advocates there being a difference between a living human person, the value of the person, the value of the quality of the life of the person and can justify "imposed death" based upon a humanistic point system has long since been developed and mandated by laws. The most recent law, the tyrannical HIPAA Privacy Act, is nothing more or less than federal mandates in which the physician is forced to comply.

The HIPAA Privacy Act strips the medical establishment of the Oath of Hippocrates.  Privatized medicine and the freedoms thereof under this law are prohibited.  The physician cannot act on behalf of the patient in particular situations, to do so would be in violation of this law.  The physician can now be levied huge fines and imprisoned for noncompliance.  The confidentiality between the physician and patient cannot be honored according to this law!  The confidentiality of the patient records are not allowed!  The physician, in every respect, loses all rights to act in accordance to his/her personnel and professional convictions.  The physician's professional authority is stripped!

The citizen, without their knowledge and consent, has forfeited their constitutional rights under this deceptive law and quite possibly, their inherent right to life.

After reading the HIPAA Privacy Act , section 164.512 , in which states how this law overrides the citizen rights, I find it hard to believe a medical directive has any bearing on ones ability to legally have any say about their medical care whatsoever.  I strongly advice every citizen to familiarize themselves with this law as it apparently supersedes the constitutional rights of the citizens, exploiting them in every manner.  The deception of ones medical records held private is a crime!  Numerous federal, state and private entities, all having access for an unlimited amount of reasons, in which do not pertain to the privacy , safety and well fair of the citizen.  From the womb to the grave the citizen has lost their 'right' to all personal information .  Even their person - their physical body - is not considered private and ones' personal property under this law! 

The physician , however, refuses to be complacent or compliant. The 'rules' for the physician cannot and will not be altered to appease anyone.  Not even when mandated laws, legal avenues, social and economic standards and reforms are considered an equitable and justifiable means.  The physician, in defense of life, will stand between the patient and any harm no matter what!

Remember, regardless of the particular law or legal document in question, it is requested and necessary a physician carry out and execute the orders.  There will always be those all too eager to oblige-the executioner .  If there were not such individuals, laws to take life would be nothing but mere worthless pieces of paper.

The physician has nothing to do with death.  Get it straight-the physician is all about protecting and preserving life!  The physician does not engage in death by any name or means!   Do not be deceived!

Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

The only assessment the physician makes when pertaining to the patient is an evaluation of the illness, disease or injury in which is necessary to determine what treatment and therapy is necessary.  The physician is not a magician!  The physician does not rely on assumptions, presumptions, myths or any other form of unconventional means.  The physician relies solely on science-knowledge-and all medical advancements, all sources of fact and all means within his/her level of expertise and facilitated availabilities. 

A diagnosis is desired and sought to sustain and enhance life.  A prognosis in the absence of a diagnosis for the physician simply requires further treatment and care in hope of a diagnosis and particular treatment and healing.  A physician never implies a termination of therapy due the lack of a diagnosis and/or assumption of a bleak outcome!  The physician, even when doubt remains, does not imply or act on any speculation whatsoever.

How easy would it be for a physician to limit all treatment and therapy available and forecast an impending and/or imminent death when in fact doing so would speed death?  The act of discontinuing treatment and therapy would in itself be considered an attempt to hasten and achieve a more timely death would it not? Could not this be considered a self fulfilling prophetic statement to assume one would die and then intentionally withdraw all treatment and therapy to protect, preserve and prolong life? 

What shall we call such actions by so called physicians ?  Are they engaged in simply "letting one die?"  I am sure this is much more politically correct than blatantly stating to not take every measure to protect and preserve the life of the patient could be classified as medical homicide.  The layman is to assume, however, that the physician is acting within the legal spheres of medicine and law and therefore, no harm is done.  Is this a 'correct' analogy?  So now shall it be stated so long as it is legal to do so, hastening death, aspiring to achieve a more timely death and/or direct actions such as administering drugs to speed death, starvation and dehydration and/or 'pulling the plug' are acceptable and sanctioned?  Absolutely!

Murder, regardless of the name, is not condoned by the physician.

The Remnant

The physician answers only to the calling of the sacredness of life-the living person-the patient in which is created in the image and likeness of God.

The physician does no harm . The physician does not kill .

In the course of the continuation of all available treatment and therapies, the physician seeks life-the continuation of the person.  The physician is the patient's life guardian acting on behalf of the patient and his/her well being.  Until the last breath of the patient, until the heart stops beating and circulation ceases, the physician acts in good faith in the preservation of the patient's life.

From conception until life's natural end, the physician protects and preserves the life of the patient.

How many times must it be said?  Get it straight-the physician does not kill!

The moral, ethical dividing line separating "good and evil" is held firm by the physicians-the remnant.

There isn't a federal or state mandated law in which supersedes the integral moral principals of the physician.  No one or nothing can force the physician into betraying the patient. The many articles in which so called "physicians" imply otherwise are not physicians and disgrace the medical profession as a whole.

Throughout the centuries the physicians have stood firm against the many external forces in which have levied against them in pursuit of economical, societal, powerful inclinations of domination and totalitarian rule.  As history reveals, allowing such overtaking would in fact seduce an entire nation and threaten the demise of human life.  Actions of this nature have been historical frequented.  The physician knows all too well the underlining ethical implications of the 'one degree' imbalance in morals and values and how easily the shift can be discretely concealed altering the morals and values within the medical profession.  It is a place in which the physician will not consider let alone venture as this is not the physician's desire so to do.

No.  The physician does no harm to the patient.  The physician does not kill.

When Death Became Popular and Legal

I feel that it is imperative that the layman has a full understanding in which necessitates disclosing the many deceptions and means of persuasion used to manipulate the masses.  Successful is this illusion that has perpetuated, seducing our society into embracing death.  Ignorance is imperative to those propagating and sustaining this deadly philosophy.  In order for this strategy of "good" killing to be furthered, projecting into the Twenty First Century without hindrance, the historical account thereof has not been divulged to the general public.  This silence is deadly.

The Euthanasia Society of America was founded and established in 1938.  This entity sought a " happy death," seeking to exterminate the socially unfit, the unwanted and burdensome.  To "impose death" was adamantly resisted as was all other forms of evil by the physician.  It was a slow and methodical process of "small beginnings" to create a societal reformation in which could allow such radical, lethal medical practices and entities to operate and undermine our free society.

Many organizations and laws were implemented to further the death movement after 1938.  It took thirty years until the evil reign of death had a "stronghold."

In 1968, after decades of secret, human medical experimentations and having found reasonable, justifiable cause to "impose death," the "redefinition of death," " Brain death ," was introduced to the public.   This was a most successful tool used to bring our country to our current state of pagan idolatry.  This deception is both phenomenal and lethal.

Despite the many intriguing and impelling stories that have been perpetuated, it was not the invention of medical and scientific technology in which instigated a need to kill.  On the contrary, it was, rather, a desire to kill.

The popularization and acceptance of "imposed death" could not have been achieved had it not been for the success of " the gift of life " campaign advocating dehumanization and killing as good.   The killing of one for the betterment of another led to the establishment of the euthanasia movement, enabling those who sought a Unitarian means-a good cause- in which to justify the living human person to be pronounced dead-"brain dead."  This reasonable, justifiable means of the reclassification of the human person-dehumanization- by denouncing them and labeling them a "donor", denying them medical treatment to protect, preserve and prolong their life for their benefit- their inherent right to life-has long since been replaced by a humanistic value system.  This value system has empowered death mongers to govern who lives and dies.  They call themselves the "gate keepers" and their well articulated propaganda has been the enchantment in which the masses have been deceived.  This has been ingenious indeed.

"Brain death" is simply an intellectually fallacy-a coined medical term riddled with inconsistencies and lacking sound scientific evidence .  This 'new death'  was initiated and invented by those directly involved in organ transplantation for the sole purpose of living human medical experimentation and avoiding legal repercussion in causing death.  It was the first form of euthanasia to be legalized and protected under law ( 1968 Anatomical Gift Act ).

There are so many variations of the "brain death" criteria worldwide , to date, these many definitions are impossible to count.   Despite the forty year-old raging medical controversy of "brain death " and the effort to dispel the many myths associated with this, it remains foremost in the continuance of promoting death.

Achieved was legalized euthanasia in the redefinition of death, the invention "brain death."   Five years later, in 1973, abortion was legalized.  We have been on a road of complete moral decadence since.

Organ transplantation, abortion, the Living Will, physician-assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, cloning and unrestricted human medical experimentation are just a few of the modern medical horrors of our day.   Some call it "good."   Some are pushing for an expansion of the commercializing of human organs .  Of course, the poor will be affected first as always.

Where Are We Headed?

For those that are diagnosed with an incurable disease or illness and are presumed "in the process of dying," "would have died anyway," presumed to lack a future with a "quality of life," have pain and/or in mental and/or emotional distress; should they not have the right to die?   If for no other reason than to alleviate pain and suffering, is this not enough for a justifiable means to request and/or impose death.  If there is good cause and enough reason to hasten death to achieve an outcome that can be rationalized for the sake of the patient's loved ones to be alleviated from the burden of care and/or financial obligation, should not death be the cure ?

When is it deemed morally illicit to kill?

Could the current policies established for physician-assisted suicide and those for "imposed death" of the "Living Will" be justifiable and acceptable if the organs of these patients whose lives are "undesirable" be donated to extend the life of another?   Do you suppose perhaps allowing living, human medical experimentation of these individuals whose lives have been deemed "unworthy" would suffice since their death could be of worth and value for the purpose of medical and scientific advancement?  

When, how and who will determine the moral and ethical lines needed in determining the expansion of the ever expanding parameters of death ?  To whom shall we leave the great task of determining when life begins and ends? What standards will be developed to safeguard life? When is life sacred?  When is it not?

The betrayal of trust, the outright wickedness in which some physicians have indulged is beyond human comprehension.  So much has been lost as death has been sought as a "cure."  It is as though medicine has lost its' soul.

It is for this reason I write- "for a time such as this."

I serve an all or nothing God. He does not tolerate evil-He hates it.  He is the Author and Creator of all life.  We cannot serve two masters, it's simply impossible.  It's time for the rhetoric to stop and return to our Judeo-Christian teaching and values.  It's time all truth be told. 

Our "culture of death" holds in bondage all of our human institutions threatening our demise.  For the next generation, for every mother's child, may we share the truth-the TRUTH will set us free.

Get it straight-the physician does no harm! A physician does not kill!

The Life Guardian, INC.

Bernice Jones

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