Altruism - Portrayed and Betrayed

The deception is horrible. Those that are in the state of shock and are completely trusting of the physician and staff to preserve, protect and prolong the life of their loved one is defiled. A physician - one who heals - does everything to protect and prolong the life of their patient - don't they? In the event of an emergency and trauma, when the life of a loved one hangs in the balance, what choice does the family of the injured loved one have?

I had no idea there were those that would put the honored title of "Doctor" before their name and disgrace themselves and the medical profession in general with such vile acts of immorality! It is legal, of course, to pronounce one dead when in fact alive. It is legal to dissect one to death - excising even the beating heart! It is legal to treat a patient as a mere object of fresh vital organs instead of a patient in need of medical treatment, care and compassion to preserve the injured person's life - not the preservation of his/her organs for harvesting for the life of another!

Legal? Yes! Medically acceptable? Socially acceptable? Yes! For as long as the truth remains withheld from the general public and every effort is made in a continuance to perpetuate the myth of one having all signs of life - VITAL FUNCTIONS - and be dead at the same time, people will - out of shear ignorance and having been deceived - continue to submit their bodies and those of their loved ones to this excruciatingly painful procedure as an "organ donor" and dissected to death! This is a crime! It is an atrocity!

When I first began researching "brain death" I was appalled by the various definitions. Uniform definition of death? Apparently, since there are no laws or moral boundaries governing this coined term it remains solely the opinion of the attending physician. The definition of death continues to expand and expand to achieve death. Within the law there are no provisions for ones faith, rather, open-ended, loose guidelines that allow "brain death" to be a prognosis as there is clearly not diagnosis! "Brain death" was established for the sake of convenience for a timed, planned death.

However, it also remains to be a controversy due to this as well! Thankfully there remain those in the medical field that regard human life as sacred and would do nothing to harm their patient. There remain true physicians that will "do no harm" even when a patient is presumed to be near death. Killing is not an option - not in the name of "mercy" or any other name. Truly, for the physician with integrity, based on sound moral principals, life is from conception until natural death! VITAL SIGNS remain to be just that - their patient's SIGNS OF LIFE!

I am very narrow minded. I refuse to compromise truth. "Brain death" - the redefining of death - is the means in which to justify the end results - organ transplantation. It is simply a utilitarian philosophy that has been well articulated and propagated. This has been exceedingly successful in promoting death as a cure. It seems to be the icon of our current "culture of death" as it has been through this developed, established means to end the lives of those deemed to have "died anyway," those whose lives in which do not meet the current standard of worthiness or "quality of life" and are tactfully dehumanized as they are labeled "donor" and no longer considered a LIVING PERSON.

It is simply amazing. Through a maze of intellectual verbiage and after more than forty years we have distorted, twisted and demoralized the view of human life. All of our institutions reflect this morbid consensus that has become readily adapted and has had fatal consequences. This was the intent was it not?

Had I not been in such a state of shock, had I been of "sound mind," had I the knowledge I now have of the history of organ transplantation and the invention of the coined term "brain death," I would not have been deceived. I most assuredly would not have the title of "donor mom" - a title of disgrace, guilt, remorse and pain that I now have.

In my opinion organ transplantation is EVIL! It is the dark side of medicine that is rarely discussed in public. The truth of this is so repulsive that it provokes anger and revulsion. Most certainly this is why few speak of it and why every effort is made to glamorize the recipient.

I serve a God of TRUTH. My God is a God of absolutes, not the god of chance. My God is the CREATOR and AUTHOR of all LIFE. The human person is His master piece! He, with His hands, formed each and every person in the womb. He created every person in His likeness and image. He makes no mistakes.

God will not be mocked!

I continue to pray that we will return to our Judeo-Christian values and teachings. This is our hope. No longer can the medical field continue to serve two gods! The sacredness of life must be restored - all truth must be revealed.

Jesus said, "The words I spoke to you are spirit and life." John 6: 63

Bernice Jones

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