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Nudging People to Donate Organs

Exclusive: Half man, half chimp - should we beware the apeman's coming?

New York to Test ‘Rapid-Organ-Recovery Ambulance'

Man presumed dead recovers during surgery to remove his organs for donation

Near-death case stirs organ donor debate

Woman's Waking After Brain Death Raises Many Questions About Organ Donation

Doctor Says about "Brain Dead" Man Saved from Organ Harvesting - "Brain Death is Never Really Death"

Woman Diagnosed as "Brain Dead" Walks and Talks after Awakening

Organ donation: The inconvenient truth

Organ donor almost dissected alive in France "Back from Dead" case stuns doctors

The Bradley family buried baby Niamh for the second time on Thursday. The placed a small oak casket containing her heart, lungs, and brain in the same grave at the Sacred Heart Cemetry in Ainsdale, near Liverpool, where Niamh was first buried in October -
(December 4, 1999)

Declared brain-dead, now holds job

Doctors push for tests of cash rewards for organs - Medical groups want to go beyond altruism to motivate cadaver donors

Two Hours dead, then baby fights back to life

Organ donation a personal decision by Gail Van Norman and Sanford Brown (guest columnists)

More Than Medicine: A W.Va. Woman's Unlikely Survival

Once in Coma, Girl May Testify Against Alleged Attacker

Surgeon Accused of Speeding a Death to Get Organs

Debate Over Brain Death Continues

Illegal explants and transplants

Washington Lawsuit Stalls Bid to Gather Signatures to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Lake Elmo woman makes miracle recovery from "brain dead"

Excision of Vital Organs is Imposed Death

Eyewitness to a death

Waking the Unconscious

Transplant creates embryos with three parents


Woman On Other Side Of Alleged Body Part Thefts Speaks Out

Nurse Admits Plucking Body Parts From 244 Corpses For Resale

Brown Wants Presumed Consent Organ Donation in Britain by Year's End

Adult Stem Cells May Hold Key to Ethical Heart Transplants

Organs to be taken without consent

Catholic medical authority raps "brain death" criteria

Suspect set to talk on theft of body parts

Suharto, From Verge of Death, Is Making a Recovery

Top hospitals typically disregard brain-death guidelines

Organ Donation Report Suspends Presumed Consent Scheme but Pro-Life Advocates Warn of Danger

Father agrees to baby's birth after pledges of aid, house

Amid Alarm Bells, A Blood Substitute Keeps Pumping

Active Homosexuals and IV Drug Users Accepted by Transplant Groups for Organ Donation Despite "High Risk"

Call For Closer Examination Of 'Brain Death' As The End Of Life

Call to revamp death definition

Organs to be taken without consent

Canadian Homosexuals Barred from Organ Donations as High Medical Risk

McGill University Homosexual Activists Shut Down Blood Clinic

Canada's Last Taboo: Gay Blood Donation

Brown's Presumed Consent Organ Scheme Condemned by Prominent U.K. Figures

Vital Organ Transplantation and "Brain Death" A Re-Examination of the Basic Issues by Dr. Paul A. Byrne

Colo. Dispute over Organ Donor Brain Death

The ethics of donation and transplantation: are definitions of death being distorted for organ transplantation?

Catholic medical authority raps 'brain death' criteria

Defining death sparks debate

Vital Organ Transplantation and "Brain Death"

Poll backs kin: Let dad live

Amid Alarm Bells, A Blood Substitute Keeps Pumping

Muscle cell therapy repairs damaged heart

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