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Illegal explants and transplants

A law was passed in 1999 but it has not been enforced. The law was passed against the will of the majority of Italian citizens but it has not been enforced. The transplanting organizations split the funding amongst themselves but the Decree about "provisions for the implementation of the rules regarding the declaration of will" was left out.
The Decree foreseen by article 5 of the law has not yet been issued. As a result conduct which is inconsistent with the law and fraud at the expense of citizens is continually taking place. On the contrary Health minister Bindi issued a provisional Decree, contra legem, called 8th April 2000 Decree (which overlaps another Temporary Regulation provided for in the law -article23-); this has enabled the defaulting health ministers who have been in power from '99 to the present (Bindi, Veronesi, Sirchia, Storace, Turco) to open the floodgates on a succession of misrepresentations disguised as law:

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