“Brain Death”
The Simple Truth

As complicated as the coined terms death by “brain death” (DBD), heart beating donor and death by cardiac death (DCD), NHBD (non-heart beating donor) appear to be, in truth, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

!. Death by cardiac death (DCD), in the recent past this was known as Non-Heart Beating Donor (NHBD) is the preparation of a living human person to be dissected alive for the sole purpose of excising vital organs; living human experimentation. The living human person, the patient-victim, is filled with chemicals to ensure the viability of the organs. Literally, the organs are being preserved within the cavity of the living person until such time it is convenient to excise the organs. When the heart is stopped, either when it is excised or stopped prior to the excision of other organs, death is pronounced and resuscitation measures are taken as life must be present since vital organs from someone truly dead are not suitable for transplantation.

Killing the patient in the process of dissection was known and acknowledged from the very beginning of transplantation. In the early years, no particular terminology was used to label the method or means in which a patient was no longer considered human, respected and valued as a person in need of medical attention, compassion and on-going treatment and care for his/her well being. Although the terms NHBD and DCD were not used, NHBD or DCD was the basic, original method used to get organs prior to the contrivance of "brain death."

2. The practice of organ transplantation was neither legal nor was it condoned by the majority within the medical establishment at the time. It was, however, a continuation of over hundred years of human medical experimentation. Those conducting such surgical procedures did so discretely.

In 1968, determined to expand human medical experimentation without fear of legal repercussion, this necessitated the reinvention of death. Having had made public the “miracle” of transplantation, the new, modern medical technology, as it was proposed and promised, would save lives. What wasn’t divulged was the fact that human life was sacrificed for the betterment of others. This fact of killing and the efforts to conceal this involved an elaborate deception, phenomenal indeed, yet quite simplistic in terms. The process of conjuring the coined term “brain death” and the so-called criteria that accompanied it in theory wasn’t substantiated by any scientific means whatsoever. The expansion of human medical experimentation was a carefully contrived scheme consisting of a well articulated label to dehumanize the patient to be pronounced dead, when in fact, alive.

The method for "brain death" (DCD) is primarily the same as NHBD, however, the patient-victim is pronounced dead long before the actual excising of vital organs and prior to the heart being stopped. NHBD to be marketed and legalized forty years ago wasn’t realistic. The development of the term “brain death” was to be the means to an acceptable term to gain public support and thereby, laws to overturn the only true physical death, which all will encounter as a physical end to life. This is manifest as the absence of respiration, heartbeat and circulation that is beyond any form of resuscitation or life support.

Thirteen individuals, all directly involved in organ transplantation, gathered at Harvard University and invented the “new death.” One of the members of this elite group, known as the Ad Hoc Committee, a religious leader, was also a euthanasia enthusiast. The invention of “brain death” and the contrived criteria is known as the Harvard Criteria. It was an assembly of perversion whose agenda would lead this nation into darkness. This was the intent.

The upheaval and controversy in which the new invention of “brain death” and the expansion of human medical experimentation that immediately ensued within the medical communities wasn’t enough to stop the social revolution long since implemented. Despite the numerous articles published by respected physicians blatantly renouncing this movement to subvert truth, misrepresenting science and undermining the Oath of Hippocrates, the fallacy progressed. Some transplant surgeons and physicians were charged with murder, yet to no avail. You see, there were no moral boundaries, no moral voice other than those of the Judeo-Christian faith within medicine and the sciences in which outwardly opposed this.

A deadly code of silence creating a moral vacuum enabling “brain death” and organ transplantation to be pursued was due to the church’s compliancy and complacency. Since 1954 when legislation imposed 501(3)(c), the tax exemption law and appointed the IRS as the authoritative entity to oversee and govern all of the political activities of the church, no longer were issues considered controversial discussed. The church of this era was well aware of the political maneuvering as a dark, powerful agenda was clearly underway. The much publicized organ transplant surgeries performed during this time featuring a few famous individuals was well known.

By the time the controversy of “brain death” and organ transplantation surfaced fourteen years later in 1968, which was and still is intellectual heresy, the political climate was much the same and the church had had those years of experience in being completely submissive. The church leaders were not to be expected to have the medical or scientific expertise in which to accurately assess “brain death,” this “new death” and have a full understanding. They were commissioned and morally obligated, however, to seek and uphold truth. The religions, in an eerie silence, conformed without any resistance knowing full well, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

From sea to shining sea, there wasn’t so much as a peep from any pulpit with regard to “brain death” and organ transplantation.

The many faithful of the medical and scientific communities were denied the moral voice in which was necessary to sustain the fragility of the integral foundation of medicine and science. The Oath of Hippocrates and the ethical, moral and traditional standards thereof were swiftly circumvented as they fought alone to uphold the sanctity of life. I cannot image their suffering as their honor as physicians and their professions in general were disgraced as death swept through the country with a bloody vengeance. The precious lives in which they were called to protect were taken as they had been forsaken, left to watch their worse nightmare unfold before their very eyes.

In 1973 abortion was legalized and the medicine these men and women of faith had once known and loved, was literally stripped from them as death and in a continuance, was expanding in method and established in law.

In 1970 Kansas was the first state to have statutory law to legalize “brain death” to take vital organs for transplantation. In 1980 the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA), was recommended to be adopted by all states to make it uniformly legal that “brain death” is equal to cardiac death. The warning of the “slippery slope” many years previously of the moral decadence had come full circle and to a dreadful, proverbial end. Death, in a variety of names and means exploded throughout the country. The concept of their being a “good” death as a purposeful, reasonable and meaningful means for those who seek death, so far as it is known, there is no end. How, may I ask, can one draw ethical boundaries for immorality?

Launched was the most extensive propaganda campaign ever known, “the gift of life.” The deception has continued, since its conception, to be the most successfully social engineer ever developed. The fallacy of “brain death,” the illusion of organ transplantation being the ‘miracle’ of modern medicine and the spiritual deviation ensued has devastated our society.

The church, in their “back sliding,” developed a language to justify the many compromises in which they have conveniently shifted sound Biblical doctrine. It was the church who contrived the “politically correct” verbiage to coincide with the many immoral practices in which they have been engaged. It is the church in which the burden of our immorality, our abrupt and seemingly shameless journey on this wide road to destruction has come to past. The church knows better. Grumbling of the many rights lost and of the freedoms once enjoyed, the ‘good old days,’ when in fact, liberty (L, liberum arbitrium: mastery over desires) was relinquished by the church in disobedience to God.

Jesus called the Pharisees "hypocrites." This word is a Hebrew word meaning play actors. Literally we have a theatrical performance being conducted by both the religious as well as those in medicine who pretend to oppose murdering.

Why the uproar in medicine now over DCD? How many more years will the rhetoric continue before the murdering is called murder and ceases? Will it ever cease? The recent articles in which have blatantly and publicly exhibited the use of DCD are in fact the announcement of there not being the need for the coined terms and labels to pronounce one dead when alive. Although it makes many squeamish to have this fact made public, understand if it were not for our scraping the bottom of our societal, moral barrel nearing complete collapse, the dehumanizing labels would have remained behind closed doors and concealing truth would have, in a continuance, been perpetuated
The issue isn't about NHBD, DCD, "brain death," organ transplantation or the many perceived on a waiting list. It is about continuing, with all diligence, to deceive the public into believing there remains to be a controversy when in fact, there isn't. If there were any validity whatsoever, any real concern about saving lives, the invention of "brain death" would have been stopped before it began. The issue is money and power. "Brain death" was nothing more or less than the social engineer developed to revolutionize our country through complete demoralization

Slavery, the selling of human flesh, organ transplantation, living human medical experimentation and cannibalism, oral and non-oral, are not new. It is the ancient practice of "shedding innocent blood," prohibited by God and taboo for those of the Judeo-Christian faith. The church is well aware of this. The ramifications due to the involvement of the aforementioned aren't new either. The church is well aware of this fact also, however, the sanctity of life and the saving of souls is obviously secondary to the many political impacts that the church would have had to endure decades ago and now in an effort to stop the infiltration of such demonic, sacrilegious practices in which the church is so entrenched and involved today, it seems it will take an act of God!

The subject of death has become a three-ring circus! Politically, the human person has been exploited as a mere ploy, a bargaining tool and a strategy to achieve points in debates and votes at the polls. More than anything, the human person, the lives of countless millions, have been utilized to divide and conquer! The so-called debate has only been hype as it is all too obvious the lack of outrage produced by the recent articles published exploiting the boundless avenues of death sought and the accomplishments of the many laws to accommodate imposed death.

The church has become just another event organization, a social outlet having as much authority and impact, or possibly less, than those who produce movies, present the major league ball games and other such sports and the thousands of other attractions one can enjoy. All the while, the enemy seeks to "steal, kill and destroy" and succeeds in doing so. As we have stated before, death is as American as baseball and apple pie.

If those truly serious about their Judeo-Christian faith would gather as one and in unison, in the name of Jesus, demand the killing be stopped, it would. Yet, the extended articles continue to be published to dicker about the exact moment of death, the methods and names in which the killing is labeled and pursued. Yes. The so-called controversy continues allowing the killing to expand. Life has been demoted and death glamorized through "the gift of life" propaganda. “The gift of life” fallacy gave death a charitable, dignified and socially acceptable means in which to kill. It offered death as a “choice” in direct opposition to life and taught a generation to be exceedingly selfish, arrogant and demanding. Successfully, this spirit of death has killed one third of this generation’s population and has developed educational programs to deliberately entice the next generation of the lie of embracing and pursuing death.
It is recorded Jesus took His "last breath" on the cross. This was once called fact, a truth and was evidence of the death of our Lord. It was evidence of our Christian faith. If the dead can have breath and all other functions of life, why would we expect there to be those who would still hold firm to Jesus' death on the cross? If He didn't die, He didn't raise from the dead. The enemy of all life has sought to have the testimony of the church eradicated and truth banned altogether. This shall transpire if the church, in her slumber, remains to ignore “the least,” continuing to tolerate evil and allowing the “shedding of innocent blood.”

The problem is there are few who really believe anymore. The name of Jesus can be found on bumper stickers, on the cover of millions of music recordings and printed on T-shirts. A superficial "Christian" culture has been established, an image has been erected, truth denied and death produced.

The Bible can be found on the shelves of many American homes along side Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Superman and although Moby Dick is considered more scholarly and sophisticated of fiction literary forms, all seem to fit in the same category today.

The art of linguistics, the array of absurd oxymoron language used and myths have replaced sound Biblical instruction.

Bioethics groups have been elected as the moral gauge of medicine and science and have ensured there would be no end to the means in which death is to be achieved.

The only “choice” in which you and I are required to make is what god will we serve? You can serve only one. Truth is simple. Truth can be bent, stretched and twisted, yet remains intact. Simple, pure truth, forever will it endure.

The issues surrounding “brain death” (DBD), NHBD, and DCD are in truth as simple now as they were upon their invention. The truth is, the donor is breathing, has a beating heart and a circulatory system in which the sustaining of the human being and life is evidence. The donor is killed during the process of dissection for the sole purpose of organ transplantation and human medical experimentation. Every donor eventually takes his/her last breath, the heart stops beating and circulation ceases. Every donor experiences true death.

The organ donor is alive! Why isn’t this enough truth?

When will the church stand in defense of truth and life and end the killing?

We must return to our Judeo-Christian faith, traditional values and sound Biblical instruction or we shall, by our own hand, achieve our complete demise.

God have mercy on us!

Bernice Jones
Life Guardian Foundation

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