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Preamble to Ohio Senators


Most Ohio citizens are unaware of Ohio House Bill 529, UAGA (2006) Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, which if it passes into law, it will create new strategies to obtain organs for transplantation, research and education. Referrals to the Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO) will direct a patient’s treatment and care “to ensure medical suitability for transplantation of the part.” Medical treatments for optimal preservation of organs can harm the patient and might also prevent them from naturally awakening. Common measures currently used on injured, vulnerable patients include large quantities of intravenous fluids, induced hypothermia, paralyzing drugs, induced coma, etc.

There appears to be a rush to label a patient "hopeless" or dead for the purpose of harvesting their organs. Recent news reports of patients pronounced "brain-dead” awoke before their vital organs were excised. Zack Dunlap, Valerie Thomas, and Rae Kupferschmidt were all declared “brain-dead” but now have the lucky opportunity to state they are happy to be alive.

House Bill 529 presumes intent of a person to donate organs, does not protect the life of Ohio citizens and allows OPO to initiate medical treatments that can harm the patient. House Bill 529 concerns all Ohio citizens. If you wish to oppose this bill, you may do so by writing to your senator at:
c/o Senate Building, Room #137, First Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Your personal Ohio senator may be found at: HYPERLINK: Click here
OR – You may click on the link and copy and sign the following letter To All Ohio Senators and send by mail or email.

LETTER OF OPPOSITION to Ohio House Bill 529, UAGA (2006) - Uniform Anatomical Gift Act - (Click here)

Bill Analysis (Click here)

HB 529 text with line numbers (Click here)

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