Mission Statement of The Life Guardian

The mission of the Life Guardian is to educate the public that life of the human person is a gift. Respect is owed to every human person regardless of their state of health throughout their entire lifespan from conception until his or her natural end. Human life on earth is the substantial fact of the unity of the soul (spiritual) and body (physical). We believe that the true beginning of life on earth is manifest at conception. What was invisible is now visible. Therefore, conception is the manifestation of the beginning of our earthly existence when body and soul are united during our pilgrimage on earth. Once conception has occurred the baby can be identified at the one cell stage known as the zygote. All hereditary characteristics from the parents are contained in the sperm and egg and passed on to their children. In the zygote, the new person’s genetic material is now present. The zygote is the biological term that applies to the one cell stage of the human person instantly at conception. The new person is unique and unrepeatable.
We acknowledge that life on earth is a continuum from its conception to its natural end. We believe that life exists in each cell, tissue, organ and system of the living person on earth. For this reason, the life of each and every person needs to be protected and preserved regardless of their health or state of mind. Therefore, it is irreverent to address a human person with terms such as “brain dead,” “vegetative state,” “terminal condition,” and “imminent danger of death.” Such designations have been proposed and are actively used for the sole purpose of demeaning and shortening life, as well as to hasten the death of a human person.
Today’s secular society is attacking human life at the time of its greatest frailty. Most often, these attacks are being carried out in the very heart and complicity of a profession who have swore to protect, defend and heal human life, not destroy members of the human family, which by its very nature is called to be the sanctuary of life. Shamefully, “brain death” was invented for the sole purpose of obtaining healthy vital organs for profit from babies, children and adult human persons who are not truly dead. The Life Guardian leadership and its members are opposed to any declaration of “brain death.” Persons with head injuries need to have their life protected and preserved. No one should be declared dead until and unless there is separation of the soul from the body. When this separation occurs, what is left on earth is the remains, a corpse, an empty body.
Terms, like "NHBD" (non heart beating donor) and "DCD" (death by cardiac death) have been coined to expand death under false pretenses to meet the same end result: a proclamation of death when the person/patient is in fact alive. No matter what “name” is used, no matter how death is achieved through the various deceptive means, our organization denounces any such forms of dehumanizing terms or conditions in which an individual is labeled to impose death. When physicians excise a vital organ from a “living donor,” they are not only committing a crime against humanity, but are also forcing the premature departure of the soul of the donor, against his will and the will of God.
To remove an unpaired organ, e.g., a heart or whole liver from a living person causes death; to remove one of two kidneys or a part of a liver or lung weakens and decreases the normal function of that person.
These procedures are legal in the USA and other countries in the world. The Life Guardian is opposed to imposing death by abortion, infanticide, physician assisted suicide (actually physician imposed death) and vital organ transplantation. The minimal legal and medical requirements recommended for the protection of the life of the unconscious, unresponsive patient is: “No one shall be declared dead unless circulatory and respiratory systems and the entire brain have been destroyed. Such destruction shall be determined in accord with universally accepted standards” (Gonzaga Law Review 18/3, 429-516, 82/83 at 515).
Life Guardian Foundation is primarily an educational institution that supports and defends life from its conception until its natural end.

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